Raw Lab Exhibition


The DA LAB Foundation presents a solo exhibition of Raw Lab "Fabricated truth and other myths about human annotations" within the framework of the e-valuation 3.0 platform.

04.04 - 15.04.2023
Opening: 04.04. (Tuesday), 6-8 p.m.

The visual vocabulary of an image allows for multiple perspectives and interpretations. Context determines the meaning of the visual material we encounter. As humans, we are always looking for additional information to enrich and complicate the narrative.

When context is missing, obscured, lost, or forgotten, meaning becomes distorted and difficult to determine. Regions of interest extraction is a mechanism for selecting datasets for machine learning, by which only a small part of the input material is analyzed in detail.

Fabricated Truth and Other Myths of Human Annotation frames the processes hidden in the development of machine vision and questions the meaning frames and the importance of context in image reading. The artists restore the context that has been deliberately omitted, exposing tricks inherent in the development of artificial intelligence.
rawlab is a collective of visual artists working in the field of digital arts and interactive design. In their practice, they explore experimental forms of creative expression. Approaching technology, new media and artificial intelligence with a critical analysis, the collective explores their political dimensions and their effects on the development of social norms.

"e-valuation" is a platform for the development and support of Bulgarian artists working in the field of digital arts. The mission of the platform is the production of works by Bulgarian artists and their presentation on the professional stage. The main goals are the professional development of artists and the promotion of contemporary forms of art created with digital media and technology. In the current session, three artistic projects in the field of digital arts were supported.

The third edition of the "Value - e-valuation" project is being implemented with the support of the "Visual Arts" Program of the Ministry of Culture.
In 2023, the activities of the DA LAB Foundation were supported by the National Fund "Culture" under the program "One Year Grant" - 2022.