Exhibition by Yana Vasileva


DA LAB Foundation presents a solo exhibition of Yana Vasileva (NON)EXHAUSTIBLE MEMORY
within the e-valuation 3.0 platform.

21.03 - 01.04.2023 / opening 21.03 (Tuesday) 18-20h.

(NON)EXHAUSTIBLE MEMORY deals with the theme of memory, the relationship between materiality and its essence, trying to revive and preserve it in another form.

GINKGO BILOBA is an age-old plant associated with the idea of endurance and longevity. Through it I show how the matter of memory can be preserved, how it exists, lives and feeds and preserves, transforming it into new. At the same time, the life and value of a work of art is determined by the memory it leaves in the viewer.

(NON)EXHAUSTIBLE MEMORY is a project that recycles other people's memories, old photographs, which it turns into a nutrient medium for the in vitro plant GINKGO BILOBA.

The project is realized with the collaboration of prof. Lilyana Nacheva and the Institute of Horticulture - Plovdiv.


"e-valuation" is a platform for the development and support of Bulgarian artists working in the field of digital arts.

The mission of the platform is to produce works by Bulgarian artists and present them on the professional scene. The main goals are the professional development of artists and the promotion of contemporary art forms created with digital media and technologies. In the current session three artistic projects in the field of digital arts were supported.

The third edition of the project "e-valuation" was supported by the Visual Arts Programme of the Ministry of Culture.

In 2023, the activities of the DA LAB Foundation are supported by the National Culture Fund under the One-Year Grant Programme - 2022.


Yana Vasileva (1995, Plovdiv) lives and works in Sofia. She works in the field of contemporary art, experimenting with different media and techniques such as: live installations, objects and video. Her interests are focused on bio art and digital arts. And the themes she explores are related to memory.

She graduated BA (2017) at NATFA Krastyo Sarafov, speciality in Stage and Screen Design and MA (2019) at National Academy of Arts, speciality in Digital Arts.

Her participations in festivals and group exhibitions include: Art Collage Symposium, Plovdiv, (2016); Water Festival, Burgas, (2019); DA FEST Festival, Sofia, (2019).