e-valuation 3.0: Open call for project proposals from digital artists


DA LAB Foundation announces an open call for proposals for projects to be created within the e-valuation  Digital Arts Platform. This is the third edition of the annual platform, which was launched in 2021 and has so far produced 7 projects by Bulgarian artists. The new edition of the project is supported by the Ministry of Culture.

The call is aimed at Bulgarian artists working in the field of digital and media arts. They can submit a project proposal related to the theme and format of the platform. As a result of the call for proposals, three projects by the artists and collectives who have applied will be selected and will receive support of BGN 4 000 for the realisation of the project and professional assistance in the process. The produced projects will be presented through solo exhibitions at the Depoo Gallery in Sofia in spring 2023 and will be included in the programme of the ninth edition of the international digital arts festival DA Fest in October 2023.

More about the project:

"e-valuation is a platform for the development and support of Bulgarian artists working in the field of digital arts. The title of the project "e-valuation" is a reference to the meaning of "worth" and "value". In the field of digital arts, an important component of the "life" of a work is the constant calculations that have the potential to transform "dry" values into conceptual values.

The mission of the platform is to produce works by Bulgarian artists and present them on the professional scene. An important element is the assistance in the production process through consultations and mentoring sessions. The main goals are professional development of artists and promotion of contemporary art forms created with digital media and technologies.

The theme of the project "e-valuation" is a code message for a multilayered reading of the concepts of value and worth. On the one hand, the nature of digital artistic practices implies the handling of different values (for example: information data about the environment - real and virtual). On the other hand, we question the values of digital art as a value commensurate with its innovation, social reflexivity, marked dialogicality with the audience, the environment and the community.

Digital art, as we now summarize various interdisciplinary practices using contemporary technologies, goes beyond the use of computer systems for visualization, management and control, demonstrating its potential to reflect contemporary socio-cultural phenomena in a new way. We see processes in which impersonal values are transformed into socially significant values.


Application and selection:

The call for proposals is aimed at individual Bulgarian artists or artist collectives with a declared interest and previous experience in the digital arts. They are invited to propose an idea for an artistic project that interprets the theme of the project in an original way and applies digital media and technologies in a creative way.

A jury composed of: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Venelin Shurelov, Dr. Galina Dimitrova-Dimova and Antoni Raizhekov (founders of DA LAB Foundation) will select the three most interesting and original ideas to be implemented within the project.

To apply, send the following information by e-mail to dalabfoundation@gmail.com:

  • creative CV;
  • a portfolio of selected digital art projects;
  • project proposal - concept and technical parameters.

The deadline for applications is 15 December 2022.


Implementation process:

The selected applicants will receive a grant of BGN 4,000 to implement the project in the period January-March 2023. The Foundation's team will assist the artists with advice and mentoring. The three created works will be premiered at Depoo Gallery, Sofia in March-April 2023. The works will be presented at the upcoming 9th edition of the international digital arts festival DA Fest in October 2023. They will become part of the DA LAB Foundation's portfolio of artists whose national and international representation will evolve in the future.

For further information and enquiries: dalabfoundation@gmail.com